About Canada - Facts

Stretching from Newfoundland in the East to British Columbia in the West, Canada is full of breath-taking landscapes from coast to coast. Newfoundland's rugged glacier-carved terrain is unmatched in North America, while Quebec delivers a combination of backwoods and old-world European civility. Ontario is home to the CN Tower (the world's tallest free-standing structure), Niagara Falls, and thousands of lakes and rivers. Manitoba and Saskatchewan's fertile plains provide unique agriculture experiences, while Alberta's "Badlands" bring "Jurassic Park" to life. In British Columbia, the Canadian Rocky Mountains; diverse coastline, and the lush interior, offers a selection of activities perfect for groups of any number.

"F EH? Q"

  1. What year did Canada become a country?
  2. Who was Canada's first Prime Ministers?
  3. How many provinces does Canada have?
  4. What was the last province to join confederation?
  5. What is the populations of Canada's major cities?
  6. How many professional sports teams does Canada have?
  7. Are most of the cities available by flight?
  8. How long does it take to fly to Canada from Germany? England? France?
  9. Is the Eurodollar accepted in Canada?
  10. Does our group need to special medication before entering Canada?

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